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    We are dedicated
    to bringing
    out real values

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    DR.Truong Hop Tac
    Vice Chairman

    My whole life
    has been
    the road to truth
    in my homeland

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About us

Vision and mission

We strive to be a leading and reliable brand that provides Vietnamese farmers with new directions in cultivation practices through our extensive range of microbiological product lines.

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Human Resources

Our professional team of more than 1000 staff members is dedicated to research microbiology, develop product lines tailored to our customer needs and support our customers in crop development and soil improvement

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As one of the leading company in the field, Michiko Microbiological JSC and its products have been recognized by a number of microbiological research institutes in Vietnam and overseas.

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ISO certification

The process of founding microorganism company Michiko

Micro-company Michiko was founded with the desire to recreate the nutrient-depleted soil that gives farmers confidence.

With the motto of "taking customer interests to the forefront. Introduce the best quality microbiological products and services to improve the efficiency of agro-forestry production as well as to improve the nutrient balance of the destroyed soil. So far, Michiki Microbiology Company has been nationwide and looking to the world market with a great deal of microbiological technology. "

What We Do

We provide expert financial advice for businesses and individuals

Our products

All of Michiko's product lines have been the result of the commitment of the microbiology experts working at Michiko. We understand that building and keeping customer trust is a long-term process. Therefore, Michiko's R&D team is always working towards bringing out the highest quality products with outstanding benefits. In addition, our customer service staff will not only provide customers with product samples and incentives, but also support customers during their use of Michiko's top quality products.

Microbiological products

Researched and developed by leading professors and doctors in microbiology

Cosmetic beauty

Based on natural mechanisms
Toxins excreted on the skin, cuticles
Bring your skin back to its original state

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Our products

We offer technical consultation and environmental solutions
through the application of microbiology into environment and living.

Technical consultation

In the context of environmental pollution from human wastes as well as from industrial and agricultural production, let Michiko's professional team research and provide expert consultation tailored to your issues.


Environmental solutions

Not only offering consultation for solutions, we are always ready to take action to assist you in achieving the desired objectives in environmental improvements, including soil, sewage and et cetera.


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