Dr. Truong Hop Tac

Vice Chairman

Having spent years in agricultural studies both domestically and abroad as well as in putting his research into practice, Dr. Truong Hop Tac has devoted his life to the benefits of Vietnamese farmers.

In 1979, he achieved Bachelor degree in University of Agriculture 2 (Bac Giang, Vietnam). After years of working in Vietnam, he went to Japan in 1994 and started his internship at University of Tohoku. By 1996, he completed the course for his Master degree in Agriculture at University of Iwate (Japan). Subsequently, he continued researching at University of Iwate and got his Doctor degree in Agriculture in 1999.

Dr. Tac has worked and studied at multiple capacity, such as:

  • Head of Education Office at University of Tay Nguyen;
  • Head of Crop Studies Department at University of Tay Nguyen;
  • Deputy Head of Planning and Financial Office at Department of Cultivation of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD);
  • Head of Soil and Fertilizer Management Office at Department of Cultivation of MARD; and
  • Member of the research group for National Agricultural System, and team leader of the sub-group for the Tay Nguyen provinces.

Dr. Tac is also the nation's consultant for programs by Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations (FAO), to organize and monitor the distribution of rice seeds and fertilizers for farmers in Tay Nguyen provinces that were affected by El Nino-induced droughts.

Years of research and work in the field have shown to Dr. Tac the needs of farmers in the context of many adverse conditions to production such as land degradation, environmental pollution, counterfeit fertilizers, and so on.

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